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An increasing number of Islamic worshipers have come to Christ after becoming disenchanted with the hatred and violence promoted by the religion of their upbringing. The majority of these converts have come to know Christ through television programs broadcast in their native language, Turning Point being one of them. For years, God has spoken to Muslims through dreams and visions subsequent to their scrolling through TV channels.

We routinely receive correspondence from individuals who have come to Christ through the ministry of God's Word via satellite TV. Recently, we received a letter from an Arab country in which the writer told us he had accepted Christ. A postscript pleaded with us not to send any materials for continued growth to his address, which was a sobering reminder of the danger involved with following Jesus in other regions, and the courage it takes for a Muslim in an Islamic country to confess Christ as Savior.

We know how powerful and encouraging it is to be reminded of God's continued work in the Middle East. He is the only one capable of reaching through the darkness of Islam to the hearts of the people and pulling them into His marvelous light. In addition to the story briefly mentioned above, be encouraged by these other testimonies of Muslims who found faith and love in Jesus through Turning Point.

From a formerly Muslim man in a Texas prison:

First, I want to say that I have surrendered my life to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior…. Your program had a lot of impact on me. You see…before this I was a Muslim for almost 12 years. These 12 years of Islam were very dark for me. Sometime [in 2015] I began to listen to your radio program and I would sit on my floor and reach into the far back of my storage locker where I kept a Bible hidden. I would take notes and try to not be seen because as a Muslim it was frowned upon and worse it is punishable to seek to learn about Jesus in the Bible…. Eventually, I began to look for a Christian to personally teach me all I needed about Jesus Christ. After a few months of understanding and coming to believe and accepting both the ransom Jesus paid and that God raised Him from the dead, I surrendered my life to Jesus…. Yes, I am in prison. I have been in prison for over 10 years…. But in the midst of this dark place where I am well–known and respected, my surrender to Jesus Christ is the opportunity to share what Jesus did for me and teach other inmates that love is available to them. —Michael Vidal

From a woman who was displaced by the rise of ISIS in her home country:

In 2014, Elham attended a worship meeting and heard a voice inside her saying, "Trust Me. I give life." Since then, she began attending church meetings and watching Christian TV programs, especially the Turning Point program. The teaching of Pastor David Jeremiah led her to give her life to Jesus. Elham and her family suffered from the radical Islamist groups in Mosul who threatened to kidnap their children if they do not flee their house. They also threatened to kill them and would shoot bullets toward the house. They moved to Bakhdida (Qaraqosh) and stayed there until ISIS invaded the area. They lived several days without electricity while bombs were falling on surrounding houses. She lives in a portable house and struggles financially.

The Kingdom SAT is covering their expenses for six months.

From a woman in Morocco who was exposed to Christianity through Western pop culture:

Iman used to watch English movies when she was a kid. In these movies she was exposed to churches and crosses. She also saw Christian men respecting their wives, the opposite of what she saw in Islam. Christian families seemed to get along much better. She asked herself, "What makes Christians different? They are loving and forgiving people, while Muslims like revenge." She thought it might have something to do with their faith, so she decided to learn more about Christianity. The life of Christ surprised her, especially when He told His followers to forgive their enemies. Muslims pray that the Lord will punish their enemies and whosoever opposes them. She accepted Jesus as her Savior and felt so joyful and freed from bondage. Her parents discovered her conversion, however, and they withdrew her from college and beat her regularly. Jesus is the water that quenches her thirst and is where her hope rests. Iman watches The Kingdom SAT regularly and she prays for all those involved in this ministry. She asks us to pray for her.

It is with encouraged hearts that we read these testimonies and many others like it. We continue to pray for avowed enemies who carry out the radical expectations and charges of Islam, for we know God hears these prayers and brings Muslims out of the darkness and into the light.

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