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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Four Riders

Have you learned something new about the four riders of the Apocalypse through Dr. Jeremiah's teaching on Signs? Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz!

Why does the Bible talk so much about doom, gloom, and disaster?

God wants to warn us and enable us to avoid the approaching horrors

Many of its writers were depressed

It's typical of the way people used to think about the world

All of the above

Who is the rider on the white horse?

Gandalf the White

The angel Gabriel

The antichrist

It's impossible to know

What is the meaning of the white horse?

It symbolizes the light of heaven

It symbolizes false promises of peace

It symbolizes the purity of the Lamb

It symbolizes God's cleansing of the world

What is the rider on the red horse holding?

A bloody Bible

An enormous shield

A dead fish

An assassin's sword

What is the meaning of the red horse?

It represents the Lamb who was slain

It foreshadows the war that is about to ensue

It represents the wars that have already occurred

It represents the blood of martyrs

What is the rider on the black horse carrying?

A pair of scales

A pair of shoes

A bag of wheat

A bag of coins

What is the meaning of the black horse?

Famine and starvation

Endless night

Confusion and chaos

Bondage and slavery

What follows the pale horse?





Which of these is most closely associated with the rider on the pale horse?





What is the most important question on this subject?

When will the Tribulation begin?

How will we respond to the reality of the Tribulation?

Are there any loopholes?

Who will be president when the Tribulation begins?

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